Infrastructure and Facilities

Infrastructure and Facilities


->> We have highly organized and spacious classrooms equipped with book cabinets, Educomp Smart Boards, and educational charts and flowcharts that can accommodate nearly 60 students.
->> Each soft desk is equipped with a chair arranged systematically, providing a comfortable seating arrangement for the students.
->> The classroom often comes furnished with suitable ventilation and temperature control systems to produce a favorable learning environment. Windows let in natural light, air and when necessary, artificial lighting sources illumine the area

Smart Class

->> At Krishna Vidya Mandir Matric Hr Sec School and krishna Vidya Mandir Nursery and Primary School, Vettavalam Road, Tiruvannamalai, classrooms are equipped with Educomp smart class that uses audio, video, animations, pictures, and other multimedia to improve teaching and learning for both teachers and students.
->> This enhances the teaching process with better graphical illustration and explanation of the concepts, thereby inculcating an interest in the students to attend regular classes, which they would otherwise find boring.


->> With more than 12,000 books of different genres and categories, students can immerse themselves in the ocean of books in the library of the school.
->> There is a wide range of books from reference books and question banks to Novels of different genres to quench the thirst for knowledge of our students.
->> The library is kept open from 8.15 Am to 3.30 Pm for all the staff and students. The library period is allotted for classes 3 to 12 in the regular school timetable.


->> Krishna Vidya Mandir Matric Hr Sec School and krishna Vidya Mandir Nursery and Primary School has the best-designed, most expansive, technologically advanced, and secure laboratories. The most up-to-date equipment in these labs encourages students to learn through experimentation and research.
->> There is a separate well-equipped laboratory for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science with highly skilled lab technicians for aiding students in their practical learning. With the spacious and well-ventilated labs, as many as 30 students can perform their experiments simultaneously under the guidance of the teachers. Students are motivated to use the facilities to enhance their practical knowledge and bring out their research and innovative skills.